Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Home Tour

It's our first year in our new home and I have been looking forward to decorating. It has seemed to take me quite a long time to actually figure out where I wanted to put everything and actually put the containers away. I still don't feel fully decorated with so many Pinterest ideas floating around in my head but with Christmas 2 days away I decided to forget it and make cookies with the kids. We're starting some new traditions in regards to my procrastination and that is hanging the stockings on Christmas Eve since I still haven't figured out a way to attach them without putting something into the mantle. So enjoy our New England abode! Wish the unseasonably warm weather wouldn't have melted the beautiful snow. Our street is absolutely gorgeous. Like out of a movie gorgeous! 

Picking out the tree is always the fun part until it starts raining. 

Our living room is one of the only rooms that is almost completely decorated minus window treatments so of course it's my fav. 

Loving our double sided fireplace! 

Our dining room is the second favorite room of our house. 

Kitty looking guilty because he knows he's not supposed to eat these. 
The bar set up for a holiday party 

The foyer is where I've decided to showcase all our beautiful Christmas cards. They make me smile everyday knowing how blessed we are to have such great friends and family. 
And lastly our kitchen wall which I enjoy decorating each holiday. 
Hope you have a relaxing holiday like this guy and his matching (creepy) ornament my 4 year old picked out because he thought it was his cat.